North Atlantic Commercial Diving

We are a complete commercial and industrial diving service in support of commercial fishing boat fleets, marinas, underwater pier and dock maintenance and repair. Underwater inspection services with video.

With only two years under its belt, NACD is a new company, but hardly new when it comes to experience. The owner alone has more than 23 years into the underwater business alone, and combined we have about 50 years of experience. We have been providing diving services in support of various types of construction projects, commercial fishing fleets and privately owned marinas here at home, and overseas. These projects have ranged in size from one dive team, to projects requiring 14 divers. With water depths from a few feet to 220 feet. While most of these jobs have lasted from one day to a few weeks, one have lasted 8 months.

We have fully qualified commercially certified dive teams with a vast experience of all types of marine & underwater work including diving inspection, surveys, and underwater welding. Our dive teams undertake work throughout the East coast and in world wide locations. We have successfully completed work in Norway and in the North Sea. We are an expert commercial diving contractor with the ability to take on any type of underwater job, small and large. Our divers have experience with underwater work in very adverse weather conditions. We undertake high quality salvage, underwater cutting, and underwater repairs. Diving services are carried out using surface-supplied equipment with appropriate diving support and full communication above and the below water. We employ members of the ADC (American Association of Diving Contractors). Our high equipment standard and experience, allows us to work in the most extreme weather condition with minimal downtime due to freezing temperatures and high winds. For the highest quality commercial diving services, contact us at the above numbers or e-mail address.

Terry Kristiansen, NACD

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