Hull Cleaning

Here is a little about the importance of keeping your commercial fishing boat fleet free of marine growth.

Propeller and hull cleaning, in water inspections and in water maintenance:

The propeller can generate energy losses equal to half that of the hull. Since fouling has a significant effect upon the vessel’s speed and range, even keeping the waterline clean has a very short “payback” time.

It is estimated that the annual propulsive fuel losses, worldwide, caused by marine fouling can be measured in US$ 120M’s due to increased hydrodynamic drag. A fouled propeller can increase fuel consumption by up to 14% and a fouled hull by up to 24%.

NACD use the best quality equipment. (hullscrubbers, high pressure waterblasters) to combat this problem with no downtime to the client. On a moderate size boat this work can be performed while loading or offloading. Our divers use hat mounted, low light underwater camera systems, where if wanted by the client, he or she can watch the work themselves. Progress is constantly monitored via a TV monitor and Communication system, and the whole process is recorded on video if wanted by the client. A written report is quickly prepared for each project, complete with comments and recommendations from a consulting engineer if requested by client. We are a full service commercial diving company and offer these services to our clients.

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